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Taylor Swift, the pop sensation and cultural icon, is not just known for her chart-topping music and captivating performances; she has also earned a reputation as a devoted cat lover. Over the years, Swift has introduced the world to a furry feline family that includes Meredith, Elienhsen, Benjamin Button, Indy, and Olivia Benson.

Each cat has a unique personality and story that contributes to the tapestry of Taylor Swift’s life. In this blog, we delve into the lives of these adorable companions, exploring their origins, quirky traits, and the profound impact they have had on Swift’s journey.

Meredith Grey – The Trailblazer

Meredith Grey

In 2011, Taylor Swift welcomed Meredith Grey into her life, marking the beginning of her publicized love affair with cats. Meredith Grey, a Scottish Fold breed, instantly became a sensation on social media. Swift’s decision to adopt Meredith was fueled by her passion for feline friends and the desire for a constant companion on her whirlwind journey.

Meredith Grey is known for her independent spirit and sassy demeanor. Often photographed with an aloof expression, she exudes a charm that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Swift frequently shares candid moments with Meredith Grey, providing glimpses into their daily life. From backstage antics to cozy cuddles, Meredith Grey has become a staple in Swift’s narrative, offering a sense of comfort and normalcy amidst the glitz and glamour of stardom.

Elienhsen – A Mysterious Muse


Elienhsen, a name that sparks curiosity, entered Taylor Swift’s life, adding an air of mystery to her feline family. The enigmatic cat is less exposed to the public eye, reflecting Swift’s desire to maintain a semblance of privacy.

Elienhsen’s unique qualities and distinctive appearance make occasional appearances on Swift’s social media, leaving fans intrigued and eager for more glimpses of this elusive feline.

Swift’s connection with Elienhsen goes beyond the superficial. The cat is rumored to have served as a muse for some of Swift’s creative endeavors. The bond shared between artist and muse is a theme woven into the fabric of many artistic narratives, and Elienhsen, with its mysterious allure, adds an intriguing dimension to Taylor Swift’s life.

Benjamin Button – A Purr-fect Companion

Benjamin Button

In 2019, Benjamin Button made a grand entrance into Taylor Swift’s life, capturing the hearts of fans with his adorable antics. Named after the fictional character who ages backward, Benjamin Button’s unique moniker reflects Swift’s playful and creative spirit.

This adorable addition to the feline family quickly became a social media sensation, with fans eagerly awaiting updates on his mischievous adventures.

Benjamin Button’s distinct features and affectionate nature have endeared him to fans of all ages. His presence during Swift’s creative sessions has been documented, showcasing the close bond between the artist and her feline muse. Benjamin Button’s impact extends beyond the realm of social media; he has become a symbol of joy and positivity for Swift and her followers.

Indy – A Whiskered Wanderer


Indy, short for Independence, is another cherished member of Taylor Swift’s cat clan. Adopted in 2020, Indy brought a sense of freedom and resilience to Swift’s life during a challenging year for many. This adventurous cat is known for its spirited personality and love for exploration, symbolizing the strength to navigate life’s uncertainties with grace and curiosity.

Swift’s decision to adopt Indy was not only a personal choice but also a reflection of her ability to find solace and companionship in the midst of chaos. Indy’s playful antics and curious nature have provided a source of inspiration for Swift, influencing both her personal life and artistic endeavors.

Olivia Benson – A Cat with Detective Instincts

Olivia Benson

Named after the iconic character from the television series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” Olivia Benson is the latest addition to Taylor Swift’s feline family. Adopted in 2014, Olivia is a Scottish Fold like Meredith but possesses her own distinct personality traits. Known for her inquisitive nature and detective-like instincts, Olivia has carved out a special place in Swift’s heart.

Olivia Benson’s influence on Swift’s life goes beyond the boundaries of the music industry. The cat has been a constant companion during pivotal moments in Swift’s career, serving as a source of comfort and support. Whether lounging in cozy corners or making appearances during virtual interviews, Olivia Benson has become an integral part of Swift’s public persona.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cats does Taylor Swift have, and what are their names?
As of now, Taylor Swift has five cats. Their names are Meredith, Elienhsen, Benjamin Button, Indy, and Olivia Benson.

When did Taylor Swift adopt Meredith?
Taylor Swift adopted Meredith in 2011, making her the first feline companion to join Swift’s family.

Who is Elienhsen, and why is there limited information about this cat?
Elienhsen is one of Taylor Swift’s cats known for its mysterious aura. Swift has chosen to keep certain details about Elienhsen private, adding an element of intrigue to this feline family member.

What breed is Benjamin Button, and when did Taylor Swift adopt him?
Benjamin Button is a Ragdoll cat, and Taylor Swift adopted him in 2019. He quickly became a social media sensation with his playful antics and distinctive appearance.

When did Indy join Taylor Swift’s feline family, and what is the significance of the name?
Indy, short for Independence, joined Taylor Swift’s family in 2020. The name reflects the cat’s spirited personality and symbolizes resilience and the ability to navigate life independently.

Why is Olivia Benson named after a character from “Law & Order: SVU”?
Taylor Swift named Olivia Benson after the iconic character from the television series “Law & Order: SVU” because of the cat’s detective-like instincts and inquisitive nature.

How often does Taylor Swift share updates about her cats on social media?
Taylor Swift frequently shares updates about her cats on social media. Fans can expect to see adorable photos, videos, and glimpses into the daily lives of Meredith Grey, Elienhsen, Benjamin Button, Indy, and Olivia Benson.

Do Taylor Swift’s cats make appearances in her music videos or public events?
While Taylor Swift’s cats may not make regular appearances in music videos or public events, they often play prominent roles in her social media posts. Fans have enjoyed seeing the cats in behind-the-scenes moments shared by Swift.

How have Taylor Swift’s cats influenced her music and creativity?
Taylor Swift’s cats have served as sources of inspiration and companionship during her creative process. Their presence, behaviors, and unique personalities have likely influenced the emotional depth and themes in Swift’s music.

Are there plans for Taylor Swift to adopt more cats in the future?
As of now, there is no official information about Taylor Swift’s plans to adopt more cats. However, given her love for feline companions, fans can always anticipate the possibility of new additions to the family in the future.


Taylor Swift’s cats – Meredith Grey, Elienhsen, Benjamin Button, Indy, and Olivia Benson – are not just adorable companions but integral members of Swift’s journey. Each cat contributes a unique flavor to the tapestry of Swift’s life, symbolizing different aspects of her personality, creativity, and resilience.

Through social media updates and public appearances, Swift invites fans to share in the joy and warmth that these feline friends bring to her life. As the feline family continues to grow, one thing remains constant – the unconditional love and companionship that only a cat can provide, making Taylor Swift’s world a little more purr-fect.

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