Mike Tyson Tiger – Secrets to Joy and Success

Mike Tyson, the legendary former professional boxer, is known not only for his remarkable career in the ring but also for his love of exotic pets. Among his collection of unique animals, Tyson owned three Royal Bengal tigers: Kenya, Storm, and Boris.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Mike Tyson’s relationship with these majestic creatures and explore the controversies surrounding his ownership.

Background on Mike Tyson’s Exotic Pets

Mike Tyson’s fascination with exotic animals is well-documented. Over the years, he has owned a variety of species, including lions, pythons, and even a pet pigeon. However, it was his ownership of Royal Bengal tigers that garnered the most attention.

Keeping such powerful and potentially dangerous animals as pets raised concerns and sparked debates about the ethics and legality of owning exotic animals.

Kenya: The First Royal Bengal Tiger

Mike Tyson Tiger

Kenya was the first Royal Bengal tiger to become a part of Mike Tyson’s collection. Tyson acquired Kenya as a cub and developed a deep bond with her. Kenya became a symbol of Tyson’s unique lifestyle and was often seen accompanying him on walks or lounging in his mansion.

Despite the controversies surrounding Tyson’s ownership, Kenya was well-cared for and lived a comfortable life under his care.

Storm: The Second Royal Bengal Tiger

Mike Tyson Tiger

Storm, another Royal Bengal tiger, joined Tyson’s collection after Kenya. Tyson acquired Storm from a private breeder and formed a strong connection with the magnificent creature. Storm’s presence added to the mystique surrounding Tyson’s exotic pet collection.

Tyson often shared stories of his interactions with Storm, highlighting the unique experiences and challenges of owning such a powerful animal.

Boris: The Male Tiger

Mike Tyson Tiger

Boris, a male Royal Bengal tiger, completed Mike Tyson’s trio of tigers. Boris had a different background compared to Kenya and Storm, as he was rescued from a dire situation.

Tyson provided Boris with a safe and nurturing environment, allowing him to thrive. Boris became an integral part of Tyson’s life, and their bond showcased the compassionate side of Tyson’s relationship with his pets.

Controversies and Criticisms

While Mike Tyson’s ownership of Royal Bengal tigers fascinated many, it also drew criticism and concerns from animal rights activists and the general public. Critics argued that keeping such wild animals as pets was inherently cruel and posed a risk to both the animals and the people around them.

The legal and ethical implications of owning exotic animals were hotly debated, with some jurisdictions imposing strict regulations on such ownership.

However, Tyson defended his ownership, stating that he provided his tigers with the best care possible. He argued that his animals received proper nutrition, veterinary care, and spacious enclosures.

Tyson’s love for his tigers was evident, and he believed that his ownership allowed him to connect with these magnificent creatures on a profound level.


Mike Tyson’s ownership of Royal Bengal tigers, Kenya, Storm, and Boris, showcased his unique lifestyle and love for exotic pets. While controversies and criticisms surrounded his ownership, Tyson maintained that he provided his tigers with a safe and nurturing environment.

The debate surrounding the ownership of exotic animals continues, with arguments from both sides. Ultimately, the story of Tyson and his tigers serves as a reminder of the complexities and responsibilities associated with owning such majestic creatures.

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