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Martin Lewis is a well-known financial journalist and television presenter in the United Kingdom. He is the founder of the website, which provides advice on personal finance and consumer issues.

In addition to his work in finance, Martin is also known for his love of dogs. He is the proud owner of a rescue dog named Bella, who he adopted in 2019. Martin frequently shares photos and updates about Bella on social media, and has even written about the financial aspects of pet ownership on his website.

Overall, Martin Lewis is a respected figure in the finance industry and a devoted dog owner.

Martin Lewis and Bella

Martin Lewis and his rescue dog Bella share a special bond that is evident in their interactions and social media posts. When Martin adopted Bella in 2019, he quickly became smitten with her and has since been a devoted dog owner.

He often shares updates on her adventures, cuddles, and antics, demonstrating his affection for her. Bella has become a beloved member of Martin’s family and a source of comfort and joy in his life.

Martin’s commitment to animal rescue and his love of dogs are evident in his support for pet adoption and his advocacy for responsible pet ownership. His relationship with Bella is a shining example of the positive impact that dogs can have on their owners’ lives.

Martin Lewis’s Thoughts on Pet Ownership

Martin Lewis has a thoughtful and pragmatic approach to pet ownership, recognizing that owning a pet comes with both financial and personal responsibilities. He acknowledges that owning a dog can be expensive, with costs ranging from veterinary bills to food, toys, and insurance.

However, he believes that the benefits of pet ownership, such as companionship, exercise, and improved mental health, outweigh the costs. Martin is also a strong advocate for responsible pet ownership, encouraging owners to provide their pets with adequate care, training, and attention.

He believes that adopting rescue animals is a responsible way to add a pet to your family, and has written extensively on his website about how to save money on pet-related expenses. Martin’s approach to pet ownership is both practical and compassionate, reflecting his commitment to promoting financial literacy and responsible pet ownership.

The Benefits of Owning a Dog

Owning a dog can provide a range of benefits to both physical and mental health. Studies have shown that interacting with dogs can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, and even help prevent heart disease. Dogs require regular exercise, which can encourage owners to become more active themselves, leading to improved physical fitness and better overall health.

Additionally, dogs provide companionship and social support, which can help combat loneliness and isolation. They can also be trained to perform specific tasks, such as guiding people with disabilities or providing emotional support.

Martin Lewis is a strong advocate for the benefits of dog ownership, both for the pet owner and for the animal itself. His love for his rescue dog, Bella, is a testament to the many ways that dogs can enrich our lives.

Frequently Asked Question

What kind of dog does Martin Lewis have?
Martin Lewis adopted a rescue dog named Bella in 2019. Bella’s breed is not specified, but she is a small, black and white dog with pointy ears.

Does Martin Lewis talk about his dog often?
Yes, Martin Lewis is known to be a proud dog owner and shares photos and updates about Bella on his social media accounts. He has also written about the financial aspects of pet ownership on his website,

Is Martin Lewis involved in animal rescue?
Yes, Martin Lewis is a supporter of animal rescue and has spoken out about the importance of adopting pets from shelters rather than buying from breeders. He has also highlighted the financial benefits of adopting pets and has provided advice on how to save money on pet-related expenses.

Does Martin Lewis have any advice for new dog owners?
Yes, Martin Lewis has provided advice on responsible pet ownership and how to save money on pet-related expenses. He emphasizes the importance of providing adequate care, training, and attention to pets, and encourages owners to consider the costs and responsibilities of pet ownership before adopting.

Does Martin Lewis’s dog appear on his television shows?
While Bella has not made any official appearances on Martin Lewis’s television shows, she is a frequent topic of conversation on his social media accounts and in his personal life.


In conclusion, Martin Lewis’s love for his rescue dog, Bella, is a shining example of the many benefits of pet ownership. Martin’s pragmatic and compassionate approach to responsible pet ownership reflects his commitment to promoting financial literacy and animal welfare.

Through his advocacy for rescue pets and his personal relationship with Bella, Martin Lewis has shown how dogs can enrich our lives and bring us joy and companionship.

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