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Lisa Vanderpump, renowned television personality and animal lover, has captured the hearts of millions with her glamorous lifestyle and passion for dogs. In addition to her successful career, Vanderpump is known for her adorable furry companions, each with their own unique personalities and stories.

In this article, we will delve into the lives of Giggy, Binky, Schnooky, Lollipop, Markie, and Prince Harry, the beloved dogs that have become an integral part of Lisa Vanderpump’s world.

Giggy: The Original Star

Giggy, a Pomeranian, holds a special place in Lisa Vanderpump’s heart as her first famous dog. With his distinctive appearance and penchant for fashionable outfits, Giggy quickly became a fan favorite.

Vanderpump’s television shows and public appearances often featured Giggy, who effortlessly stole the spotlight. His popularity not only brought joy to Vanderpump’s life but also played a significant role in enhancing her brand and public image.

Binky, Schnooky, and Lollipop: The Adorable Trio

In addition to Giggy, Lisa Vanderpump is the proud owner of Binky, Schnooky, and Lollipop, a trio of adorable dogs. Binky, a Yorkshire Terrier, is known for his playful nature and mischievous antics. Schnooky, a Maltese, charms everyone with her sweet and gentle demeanor.

Lollipop, a Toy Poodle, captivates hearts with her elegant appearance and graceful movements. These three dogs have become inseparable companions, often seen together in Vanderpump’s social media posts and television appearances.

Beyond their adorable appearances, Binky, Schnooky, and Lollipop also play a vital role in Vanderpump’s philanthropic efforts, raising awareness for animal welfare and supporting various charitable causes.

Markie: The Rescued Companion

Markie’s story is one of resilience and second chances. Lisa Vanderpump rescued Markie, a mixed-breed dog, from a neglectful situation. With Vanderpump’s love and care, Markie transformed from a neglected pup into a cherished companion.

Markie’s journey serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of rescue and adoption. Vanderpump’s advocacy for animal welfare has been greatly influenced by Markie’s presence in her life, inspiring her to raise awareness about the countless animals in need of loving homes.

Prince Harry: The Newest Addition

The latest addition to Lisa Vanderpump’s dog family is Prince Harry, a charming and energetic pup. This adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel quickly stole Vanderpump’s heart with his playful nature and affectionate personality.

Prince Harry seamlessly integrated into Vanderpump’s household, forming strong bonds with Giggy, Binky, Schnooky, Lollipop, and Markie. Vanderpump often shares heartwarming moments of their interactions on social media, delighting her followers with their adorable antics.


Lisa Vanderpump’s love for dogs knows no bounds, and her furry companions have become an integral part of her life. From the original star, Giggy, to the adorable trio of Binky, Schnooky, and Lollipop, and the rescued companion, Markie, each dog holds a special place in Vanderpump’s heart.

The newest addition, Prince Harry, has brought even more joy and love to Vanderpump’s dog family. Through her dogs, Vanderpump has not only found companionship and happiness but has also used her platform to advocate for animal welfare and raise awareness about the importance of rescue and adoption.

The bond between Lisa Vanderpump and her dogs serves as a reminder of the unconditional love and joy that our furry friends bring into our lives.

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