John Mulaney Dog – The Secret to a Happier Life

John Mulaney’s dog, Petunia, was a beloved and cherished member of his family. The comedian and writer often referenced Petunia in his stand-up routines, sharing humorous anecdotes about her quirks and personality. Petunia was a French bulldog, known for her large ears and affectionate nature.

Mulaney rescued her from a shelter in 2013, and she quickly became a fixture in his life, accompanying him on tours and even making cameo appearances in his TV show, “Mulaney.” Sadly, Petunia passed away in December 2020, leaving a void in Mulaney’s heart and in the hearts of his fans who had come to love and appreciate her through his storytelling.

Petunia’s Personality and Relationship with John Mulaney

Petunia, John Mulaney’s French bulldog, was known for her affectionate and playful personality. According to Mulaney, Petunia was very social and loved being around people, often demanding attention and affection from anyone who was willing to give it to her.

She also had a mischievous side, occasionally chewing up Mulaney’s belongings and stealing his food. Despite her quirks, Petunia was a beloved member of Mulaney’s family and a constant companion during his tours and travels. Mulaney often spoke about how much he loved Petunia and how much joy she brought into his life, even in difficult times.

Their relationship was a testament to the special bond that can exist between a pet and their owner.

John Mulaney’s Dog Petunia in Pop Culture

Petunia, John Mulaney’s beloved French bulldog, has become a pop culture icon in her own right. She made several appearances in Mulaney’s stand-up comedy routines, with Mulaney often sharing humorous anecdotes about her antics and personality.

In addition, Petunia made a cameo in Mulaney’s TV show, “Mulaney,” where she played a supporting role in one of the episodes. Petunia’s popularity even extended beyond Mulaney’s fans, with social media users sharing pictures of her and creating fan art in her honor.

Petunia’s ability to capture the hearts of fans through her appearances in pop culture is a testament to the special bond between humans and their pets, and the impact they can have on our lives.

Petunia’s Illness and Passing

Petunia’s passing in December 2020 was a devastating loss for John Mulaney and his family. Petunia had been struggling with health issues, including a heart condition, for several years. In the months leading up to her passing, Mulaney often spoke about her health struggles and how much he loved her.

He even dedicated a portion of his comedy special, “John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch,” to a song about Petunia. When she passed away, Mulaney took to social media to share the news and pay tribute to his beloved dog.

He wrote about how much he would miss her and how grateful he was to have had her in his life. Petunia’s passing was a reminder of the special bond between pets and their owners, and how much they can impact our lives.

Frequently Asked Question

What kind of dog was Petunia?
Petunia was a French bulldog.

Where did John Mulaney adopt Petunia from?
Mulaney adopted Petunia from a shelter in 2013.

Did Petunia make any appearances in John Mulaney’s comedy routines?
Yes, Petunia was often referenced in Mulaney’s stand-up comedy routines.

Did Petunia have any health issues?
Yes, Petunia had a heart condition and was struggling with health issues for several years.

How did John Mulaney react to Petunia’s passing?
Mulaney was devastated by Petunia’s passing and took to social media to share the news and pay tribute to her.

Was Petunia popular among John Mulaney’s fans?
Yes, Petunia became a pop culture icon in her own right, with fans sharing pictures and creating fan art in her honor.

Did Petunia have any quirks or habits?
Yes, Petunia was known for her affectionate and playful personality, as well as her tendency to chew on Mulaney’s belongings and steal his food.

What is the legacy of Petunia?
Petunia’s legacy is a testament to the special bond between pets and their owners and the impact they can have on our lives. She will always be remembered and loved by Mulaney and his fans.


Petunia the French bulldog was a beloved companion to John Mulaney, and her passing in 2020 was a heartbreaking loss for him and his fans.

Petunia’s playful personality and special bond with Mulaney made her a pop culture icon, and her legacy serves as a reminder of the profound impact that pets can have on our lives.

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