Drake Dog – Best Friend and Pleasure

Drake’s dog is a beloved pet that belongs to the Canadian rapper, Drake. The musician has often shared his love for his furry friend on social media, and his fans have grown to adore the pup just as much as they do their idol.

Drake’s dog is a beautiful and well-cared-for Golden Retriever named OVO Malcom, after Drake’s record label, OVO Sound. OVO Malcom has become a bit of a celebrity in his own right, with fans eagerly awaiting updates on his adventures and antics.

Drake’s love for his dog is just one example of the special bond that can form between a person and their furry companion.

OVO Malcom’s Background

OVO Malcom is a Golden Retriever that belongs to the Canadian rapper, Drake. Drake’s love for dogs was already evident before he adopted OVO Malcom. In 2017, Drake even got a tattoo of his previous dog, a Cane Corso named Maximus, who had passed away.

Drake got OVO Malcom in early 2020 and shared the news on Instagram, where he announced that the pup was named after Drake’s record label, OVO Sound. It’s unclear where Drake got OVO Malcom from, but it’s clear that the dog has quickly become a beloved member of Drake’s family.

Drake has shared numerous photos and videos of OVO Malcom on social media, showing how much he adores his furry companion.

OVO Malcom’s Life with Drake

OVO Malcom has a comfortable life with Drake, who is known for being a caring and attentive pet owner. Drake often shares glimpses of OVO Malcom’s life on social media, giving fans an inside look into their daily routines and adventures.

OVO Malcom is often seen accompanying Drake on walks or hanging out with him in the studio. Drake even built OVO Malcom his own luxurious dog mansion, complete with a customized dog pool, to ensure his furry friend has the best possible living conditions.

Despite Drake’s busy schedule, he always makes sure to prioritize OVO Malcom’s needs and well-being, which is evident in how happy and content the dog looks in his photos and videos.

OVO Malcom’s Personality and Charisma

OVO Malcom is not just any ordinary dog. He has a personality and charisma that have won over the hearts of Drake’s fans. OVO Malcom is known for his playful and energetic nature, as well as his friendly and affectionate demeanor.

His endearing personality has made him a favorite among fans, who eagerly await updates on his antics and adventures. OVO Malcom’s charisma is not just limited to his fans; he has also made appearances in music videos and on stage with Drake, where he has won over the hearts of the audience.

OVO Malcom’s charming personality has helped to strengthen the bond between him and Drake and has brought immeasurable joy to both their lives.

Drake’s Relationship with OVO Malcom

Drake’s relationship with OVO Malcom is one of love and devotion. The rapper has a deep bond with his furry friend, which is evident in the way he talks about him and shares their experiences on social media.

Drake’s love for OVO Malcom extends beyond just providing for his basic needs; he often goes the extra mile to make sure that OVO Malcom is happy and comfortable. Drake’s schedule can be hectic and demanding, but he always makes time for OVO Malcom and considers him a crucial part of his life.

Drake’s affection for OVO Malcom has also helped to spread positivity and love among his fans, who admire the special bond between them. OVO Malcom has become a significant part of Drake’s brand, and their relationship serves as a reminder of the incredible impact that pets can have on our lives.

Frequently Asked Question

What breed is Drake’s dog?
Drake’s dog is a Golden Retriever, known for their friendly and loving personality.

What does “OVO” in OVO Malcom’s name stand for?
OVO stands for “October’s Very Own,” which is Drake’s record label and brand.

Does Drake have any other dogs?
In the past, Drake had a Cane Corso named Maximus, who passed away. Currently, OVO Malcom is the only dog known to belong to Drake.

Does OVO Malcom have his own social media account?
Yes, OVO Malcom has his own Instagram account (@ovomalcolm), where fans can see photos and videos of him.

Does Drake travel with OVO Malcom?
It’s unclear if Drake travels with OVO Malcom regularly, but there have been instances where Drake and OVO Malcom have been seen traveling together, such as when Drake brought OVO Malcom to the studio while working on his album “Certified Lover Boy.”

What kind of dog house does OVO Malcom have?
Drake built OVO Malcom a luxurious dog mansion, complete with a customized dog pool, as seen on Drake’s Instagram stories.


Drake’s dog, OVO Malcom, has quickly become a beloved member of Drake’s family and an icon in his own right. OVO Malcom’s endearing personality, charisma, and bond with Drake have captured the hearts of fans worldwide, inspiring positivity and love.

OVO Malcom serves as a reminder of the special relationship between humans and their pets and the joy and companionship they bring into our lives.

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